Manicure & Pedicure

“Lovely soft hands and…. feet”

Pedicure $40.00

Includes analysis, cleansing and care nails, remove callus, remove corns

(45 minutes)

Pedicure + Foot massage $45.00

Includes Relaxing after pedicure treatment.

(55 minutes)

Pedicure + anti-stress foot/lower leg massage $70,00

Relaxing and waste disposal, good for blood flow


Manicure $32.50

Includes nails polish, hand bath, nails treatment, handsmassage and nails paiting

(30 minutes)

Manicure + Pedicure Package $60.00

Includes hands/feet bath, nails treatment, nails trimming/polishing, hands/feet massages

and nails painting

(60 minutes)