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Holistic Therapy







Flowmingo Studio, your sanctuary for mind, body, and soul rejuvenation.

Holistic wellness for a harmonious life.

At Flowmingo Studio, we embrace the transformative power of holistic practices for complete well-being.  The studio is a peaceful haven for those seeking harmony in life, offering a path to inner peace, physical rejuvenation, and emotional balance. We provide a variety of holistic therapies, each one personalized to meet your unique needs.

Flowmingo Studio

Meet Charley, your guide to healing.

Charley, the heart of Flowmingo Studio, offers deep empathy and understanding in her holistic practices. Drawing inspiration from her healing journey, she specializes in techniques such as yoga therapy, reiki, massage therapy, somatic healing, and sound therapy. Charley’s approach is warm, caring, and intuitive, ensuring care that truly connects with each person.

Choose from a range of services for your complete wellness.

Flowmingo Studio offers a range of services to nurture every aspect of your well-being:

  • Massages: Relaxing and soothing, a treat for your senses.
  • Reiki and Energy Healing: Find balance and peace within.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: Tailored yoga sessions for your wellness goals.
  • Yoga Therapy: Merging yoga with therapeutic techniques for physical and emotional health.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Cultivate a calm mind and embrace the present.
  • Breathwork: Discover the power of breath for clarity and stress relief.
  • Somatic Healing: Addressing the physical manifestations of emotional trauma and pain.
  • Sound Healing: Experience the healing vibrations of sound to restore and rejuvenate.
Flowmingo Studio

Who we serve.

Flowmingo Studio welcomes anyone seeking transformation and healing. Whether you’re dealing with family trauma, anxiety, depression, or pursuing peace and self-love, we are here to support your journey.

Client testimonials.

Clients often share touching stories of the significant impact our therapies have made. Our studio is a place of personal healing and growth, offering massages and treatments that truly resonate.

The essence of holistic therapy.

Holistic therapy differs from conventional wellness practices. It’s an all-encompassing approach that nurtures the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — aiming for complete health and well-being.

Charley Heylen

Charley Heylen

Owner of Flowmingo Studio

Charley, a holistic therapist originally from Belgium, brings a unique blend of professional skills and intuitive understanding. Driven by her journey to wellness, she is deeply committed to helping others find balance and fulfillment.