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OccuMed CN

Dr. Ricard Nicholson chose to specialize in social medicine because the relationship between people and companies intrigued him from childhood. The trick is to provide both people and the company with the best possible advice, creating a win-win situation. Having grown up between different parental companies, the problems that employees face as well as that the companies face are striking. This makes it a lot easier to advise and strive for prevention: Prevention is better than cure! From his role as a doctor he can advise in the medical field and from his role as a company doctor he can advise both individually and at the organizational level on disease prevention, labor relations, working conditions, work content, and absenteeism guidance.

Under the motto “you don’t have to be sick to get better”, employees who have not reported sick can also use the consultation hours. After all, a company doctor is not only concerned with absenteeism due to illness. It is possible to consult a company doctor with all questions regarding health and work, even if the relationship with work is not entirely clear

After always wanting to return to Bonaire to contribute to the progress of his island, the opportunity arose in 2015. At the end of 2016, Ricard founded a new Occupational Health and Safety Service: OccuMed CN. OccuMed CN stands for quality of care and advice. Ricard speaks Dutch, Papiamentu, English, and Spanish. The other employees also speak several languages. OccuMed CN is truly the occupational health and safety service that speaks your language!

Social Work.

Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen is a corporate social worker. who relocated to Bonaire in March 2013 to work in addiction care. It soon became clear to her that she wanted to stay on Bonaire to contribute to society here. In addition, she sees Bonaire as her home. Maaike speaks Papiamentu, Dutch, and English.  Maaike has been a general social worker at Bon Bida since April 2017 and she is a driven and enthusiastic healthcare professional with broad interests and a healthy ambition.

At Bon Bida, she and the company doctor have a close, transparent collaboration to get employees back to the workplace through a short treatment process.

OccuMed CN’s Products:

  • Absenteeism guidance
  • Corporate social/psychologist guidance
  • Working conditions consultation hours for non-sick employees (preventive)
  • Medical examination/ability assessment
  • Workplace visit or workplace investigation
  • Testing regarding the use of concentration-reducing substances
  • Prevention of Medical Examination and Inspections for the benefit of the Pension Fund
  • Diving inspections
  • Absenteeism training for Managers and HR
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Advice Stop Smoking program for employees
  • Course BHV, BLS/AED, PBLS, First Aid, EHK
  • Hearing testing, On-site noise measurements, Otoplastics
  • Maritime inspections from 01-03-2020 ILT Instruction
  • Risk Inventory & Evaluation
  • Budget Coach
Ricard Nicholson

Ricard Nicholson

Owner of OccuMed CN

Dr. Ricard Nicholson has been a registered company doctor since 2007. Ricard spent his childhood on Bonaire. In the Netherlands, he studied Medicine at the University of Maastricht and specialized in Occupational Medicine at the NSPOH in Amsterdam.

Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen

Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen

Social Worker

After completing MBO SPW 4 (Social Pedagogical Worker) and HBO MWD (Social Work and Services), Maaike has often worked in youth psychiatry. In addition, Maaike has experience with the autistic spectrum, dual diagnosis, and people with intellectual and physical disabilities. She is a registered confidential counselor.