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Food and Vitality

Dietitians play a critical role in promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing and treating diet-related diseases. As qualified and regulated health professionals, they are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat dietary and nutritional problems at both the individual level and also the public health level.

Diet recommendations based on the latest scientific research.

Their work is based on the latest scientific research on food, health, and disease, which they translate into practical guidance for people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices. This enables individuals to achieve optimal health outcomes and prevent the onset of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Anyone can benefit from consulting a dietitian.

Dietitians work with a diverse range of people, including those who are healthy and those who are sick. They may work one-on-one with patients, or work as an integral member of multidisciplinary teams to treat complex clinical conditions such as diabetes, food allergy and intolerance, IBS syndrome, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, malnutrition, kidney failure, and bowel disorders.

Assisting with food and health policy at all levels.

Dietitians also play a key role in advising and influencing food and health policy at all levels, from government to the Bonaire local community, and, of course, with individuals. They use their expertise to advocate for better food and nutrition standards and to promote public health initiatives that encourage healthy eating habits.

Creating a personal dietary plan based on your needs.

One of the key responsibilities of dietitians is to provide individualized nutrition advice and support to people with specific health concerns. This involves assessing a person’s nutritional needs and developing a personalized dietary plan that is tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. This may involve providing education on portion sizes, food preparation, and cooking techniques, as well as recommending specific foods or supplements that can help to meet a person’s nutritional needs.

Dietitians can help healthy people as well.

Dietitians also work with healthy individuals to help them maintain optimal health and prevent the onset of chronic diseases. This may involve providing advice on healthy eating habits, physical activity, and weight management strategies. They may also provide education on the nutritional content of foods, and help people to make informed decisions about what they eat.

Whether working with individuals or communities, dietitians make a significant contribution to improving the health and quality of life of people here on Bonaire and around the world.

Lucinda van der Wardt

Lucinda van der Wardt

Owner of Food and Vitality Dietician Practice

Lucinda van der Wardt has over 20 years of experience as a dietician and sports instructor. She believes that a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and healthy eating, is essential to maintain balance and vitality. As a client-centered practitioner, she offers personalized advice tailored to your needs and medical circumstances. As a coach, she assists you in changing your lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise routine. Referral from your house doctor is required for reimbursement by health insurance, with indications including heart disease, diabetes, food sensitivities, or other diet-related issues.